Find a selection of frequently asked questions about the network ARS BALTICA below. In case the FAQ does not give a reply to your question, you are welcome to contact us.

  • Does ARS BALTICA give financial support to projects ?

    ARS BALTICA does not have an own budget for projects. Once a project is granted with the ARS BALTICA logo, this seal of quality makes it easier for projects to apply for funding on a national or transnational level. Both the national desks of ARS BALTICA and the Secretariat strive for raising funds for ARS BALTICA projects in different ways, e.g. from the national budgets, contacting relevant institutions in charge of EU programmes and other international bodies which might be interested in supporting the projects.

  • How can I apply for the ARS BALTICA logo?
    The application is open to artistic/ cultural projects with partners from at least three of the ARS BALTICA member states. There are two application deadlines a year: 1 February and 1 August. The decision about the accreditation is taken by the ARS BALTICA Organising Committee. Read more about the criteria for accreditation here.
  • Is it possible to announce an event on the ARS BALTICA website?
    Yes, the ARS BALTICA website is regularly updated with information on the cultural life in the Baltic Sea Region. Announcements of cultural events, conferences, grants and funding opportunities as well as information about education programmes can be sent to us.
  • What is the benefit to a project granted with the ARS BALTICA logo?
    Projects granted with the ARS BALTICA logo are actively supported and promoted by the network. Information about the projects is published both on the ARS BALTICA website and in the bi-weekly ARS BALTICA newsletter with a worldwide reach. The national delegates as well as the Secretariat of the initiative promote the ARS BALTICA projects by representing the network at international meetings and conferences. Furthermore, ARS BALTICA offers platforms for the exchange of knowledge and experience. The network strives to add value to the single projects by finding new partners from other countries or other fields of action, by systematically spreading information that might be useful for the project’s future and by giving assistance when it comes to question about the financing of projects.
  • Does ARS BALTICA offer internships?
    Yes, it is possible to apply for an internship at the ARS BALTICA Secretariat. If you are interested in gaining work experience in an international working environment, please contact us.
  • May an ARS BALTICA project only include partners from the Baltic Sea Region?
    No, it is possible to include partners from outside the Baltic Sea Region as long as there are at least three ARS BALTICA member states involved. For the decision on the logo granting it is important that a strong focus on the Baltic Sea Region is detectable.


"However, the ARS BALTICA Initiative has never been restricted to the Baltic Sea Region; its most innovative projects have always reached beyond regional barriers." (CBSS fact sheet on cultural cooperation in the BSR)

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