Empowering lasting cultural exchange grounded in shared local perspectives

# 9 countries covered - # 42 partners involved - # 4 topics tackled - # 4 experts - # 100 feedbacks written - # 54 Feedbacks filmed - # 1 Teaser film

We’re convinced that we can make significant progress in cultural co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region by gathering local cultural operators in smaller groups and getting their perspective on the big picture of international cultural co-operation in the region. That’s why we’ve created the ARS BALTICA Creative Dialogue, a format that in its starting phase is funded by the PSF Project Support Facility of the Council of Baltic Sea States.

The format traveled to BSR countries offering space for networking and workshop events gathering open-minded cultural actors from all sides of the table to share, network and augment the value of cultural work. In the first set of meetings a one day workshop for up to 30 participants including a creative networking part and a workshop on audience development, led by Agata Etmanowicz from Impact Foundation (Warsaw), have been offered. The second set of meetings focused on community building and sustainability with a special focus on how to help implementing the SDGs via the cultural sector. The second workshop was led by Oleg Koefoed from Growing Pathways (Copenhagen).

Watch the ABCD teaser video here.

 Feedback ABCD Participants

Thank you! – Quality exchange and interaction for our experiences, problems and challenges. Inspiring methods with real people. I am very interested in the open ABCD network/platform to create more synergies. > (Dita Danosa – Design Council, Latvia ABCD Riga)

This was the best meeting for me this year! Thanks a lot, you gave me fuel. I feel refreshed. > (Liga Irbe - The local history and art museum of Madona, Latvia ABCD Riga)

We need more events like that. It’s great to include all BSR countries and regions and not only big cities.> (Malgorzata - Kocur Experyment Gdynia, Poland ABCD Gdansk)

I am really grateful for this workshop that showed me how simple and interesting it is to communicate, set goals and find ways to achieve them together, as a team. The workshop taught me that even when the task seems to be difficult, everything depends on your attitude. Thank you for giving an opportunity to meet awesome people. > (Malika Aimasheva - Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania ABCD Vilnius)

A very practical way of brainstorming and a good and easy space for connecting eventual partners, it was also a very nice occasion to exchange ideas. Thank you! > (Milda ValanĨiauskienė - Lietuvos nacionalinė UNESCO komisija, Lithuania ABCD Vilnius)

This meeting was very dynamic, playful and touched some known and some less known issues, it gave some tools and shared a lot of passion to create and learn and share together, I think it will continue to grow fruitfully, thank you! > (Yemisi Wilson - Skulptörförbundet, Sweden ABCD Stockholm)

 It is good to know that there are more people who believe that the idea of connecting and sharing the ideas together is an important tool to create. > (Alicja Jelinska - Coordinator of regional collaboration metropolitan region of Sopot, Poland ABCD Mitocin)

17 ABCD workshops with 264 participants took place in:

# 1 Rendsburg (GER) - Nordkolleg 
# 2 Gdansk (PL) - Baltic Sea Cutural Centre 
# 3 Riga (LV) - Nordic Council of Ministers 
# 4 Tallinn (EE) - Vabalava Theatre 
# 5 Stockholm (SE) - CBSS Secretariat 
# 6 Kaunas (LT) - Kaunas Artists’ House 
# 7 Kiel (GER) - Heinrich Böll Foundation
# 8 Gdansk/Orli (PL) - Baltic Youth Camp
# 9 Mitocin (PL) - Cultural House 
# 10 Helsinki (FI) - Goethe Institut 
# 11 Pori (FI) - CrazyTown 
# 12 Salaspils (LV) - National Botanical Garden
# 13 Oslo (NO) - Felix Centre 
# 14 Vilnius (LT) - Uzupio Incubators
# 15 Rendsburg (GER) - Nordkolleg
# 16 Copenhagen (DK) - Kulturhuset Islands Brygge
# 17 Malmö (SE) - Media Evolution